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Love your blog ... it helps to inspire me every day. I'm so glad I've subscribed!
BTW ... thank you for posting a pic of "stickles". I've heard so much about it but had no idea what to look for in the stores. Gotta get me some!

The Anna Banana Bread is just fantastic. If you haven't made it yet, YOU MUST!!! (I made a spread for it out of heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, vanilla and sugar~YUM and double fattening!)LOVE all the red blog candy too. As we speak, I am having a sofa covered in red! (so hope to have it back by Thanksgiving) I have enjoyed your blog so very much. We are commercial poultry farmers, so I can really relate to all your farm stories. Stamping, cooking, farming~ what could be better?

What a great time for RED!! I have not tried stickles, so this would be a great time to do it!! I also want to try your banana bread recipe. Looks so yummy and I have bananas just waiting to be baked!! Thanks again keeping me inspi(red) he he!

What a yummy blog goodie! Totally love the red!

I can just see holly attached to the box with ribbon, it's such a festive red. It puts me in the Christmas spirit. Love your blog,

who doesn't love a GORGEOUS red like that!! Thanks for your fun blog! I am here every day. :)


Ohhhhhh Anna, I so love red. And I love Stickles. And the box looks fabulous. My motto is a girl can never have too much ribbon, so I hope I'm choosen. You continue to inspire me.

Enjoy reading your blog; lots of great ideas. What a fun give-away; love the red - perfect for the season!! Thanks!

Beth B

Ooooh.... I love stickles, and I LOVE those fabulous boxes also! Puttin' my name in to try and win!

Ooohh! Oooohh! I LOVE red, Anna!!!


Red rocks and so do you! Awesome blog. :)

Ooooh.... I love stickles, and I LOVE those fabulous boxes also! Puttin' my name in to try and win!

Not only do I love red, but I love your blog. I check it everyday! You are such a talented artist. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!

Sad - but I LOVE all COLOURS!!!
I enjoy looking at your work - THANKS for posting it all here!

"Ohh pick me!! Pick me!!"-Donkey from Shrek

Great Blog!!!!


Blog Candy???? Woo-hooo! :) I want some! *wildly waving hand in air*


Seriously Miss Anna, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! You do some amazing art!

Count me in.....I love red and your blog. I am in awwww of all your wonderful creations.

Isn't there a song by Hootie and the Blowfish that has the line "red is my favourite colour"... I think it's the Mr. Jones song.


I LOVE red and blog candy. Your blog is awesome. I just started one. Thanks for inspiration. Janet Marks in NC

Awesome give-away! Love your blog!

Anna - I love your blog and all of the amazing stamping you do! And red, who doesn't love red??

My whole family loves red.. as a matter of fact My grandmother ( my moms mom she has gone on to be with the Lord now ) anyway she painted her whole Kitchen in you guessed it RED we are talking fire engine red , candyapple red ya know .. your giveaway today is just Fabulous as a matter of fact I am drinking RED carnberry juice as I write this ,,YAHOO for RED!..pick me, Pick me ..

Anna, I really ejoy checking out your blog everyday. You are a true artist!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

OH!!! I love red too. Can't wait to try your banana bread recipe too! Have a great day.

Whoo hoo! Red is my birthstone color! Send it all my way!!

Red rocks - as does your blog! amy

Thanks for sharing your knowledge thru this blog; I love it!

Woo Hoo...Red Rules!! and so does your blog!
I can't wait to get my new sponge daubers and try them out. Thanks for sharing your ideas with your stamping friends in cyberland.

I just bought some Stickles for the first time last week to try - they are really fun. Went a little crazy & bought 6 bottles! Would love to win the red (they were out of that color.) Love your blog!

Yummy! I LOVE red! Sign me up to win! Thanks for the drawing. I also just read your banana bread recipe and had to laugh. My two year old's "girlfriend"'s name is Anna and he runs around the house yelling Anna Banana all the time. So the title made me smile! I will definitely have to try the recipe...it sounds delish!

LOve your blog, and red is one of my favorites. Anxious to try the bread, maybe today.

Thanks for the contest! Love your blog and your ebay store. I just got the glitter gel pen and I can't wait to use it! Yvonne

What a great gift idea for your blog. I read your blog EVRYDAY...........
You sell your cards????? Where can I place my order??
Your the best, keep up the great work.
Kristi Lynn

fantastic! throw my name in that hat if you don't mind! how festive!!
happy Tuesday to you!

Wow this is so much fun! I would love to receive this blog candy, so please pick my name Alan. I'm anxious to try your Banana bread.
I've never noticed the snap together boxes in the Stampin Up catalog, which is hard to believe considering how many times I've looked through it. :)
Thanks for the fun giveaway.

Mmmmm! I love red, too! And that box is adorable! Please pick my name.. :) Susan

I have some of these boxes in white, but did not know that I could find them in COLORS!! Whoo. Love the blog, how are the chickies doing? I always love the posts about those little guys!

I made the Anna Banana Bread, It is awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing that great recipe. I also have a couple of snap together boxes and they are very awesome for storing cards and photos. TFS

thanks for sharing all your fun stuff! love your blog and love red too!


hELLO, hELLO, pick me cause I like RED too!!

Sheesh - RED! I thought you liked BLUE like me! HELLO! Aren't we twins? And Alan BETTER choose me this time or I am telling mom! Then she will not make you the nice presents for Christmas - she will send them to NY and you will be all "boo hoo" and I will be all "naner naner naner". So just pick me and avoid all the boo hoo, naner naner naner! :)

Hey - How is Texas? It is gettin cold and rainy here -

Wow! Love the red! Haven't seen these colored ones! Love your blog and check it daily! Love your awesome work too!


Red is a great color to get us in the season of holiday card making!! Thank you for your generosity and all of the inspiration, Anna!

Anna, I love this! I have one of the 'clear' ones from SU! but would love to see the other colors they are available in. I'll have to go check it out....thanks for the heads up, what a fun way to decorate your stamp area :)

I love your blog, Anna! What a fun looking box - I haven't seen them in red before... a perfect box for holding all the cards I'm inspired to make by your designs! Thanks for sharing!

I'm a new blogger.. just into this for about a week and I'm hooked. What a wonderful way to share work, find inspiration, and learn about new products and techniques. Your blog was one of the first I ran across and check it each morning.

I've enjoyed my SU snap together boxes and was thrilled to see I can find them in COLOUR! I am an Aries and red IS my colour! Scarlet Ribbons is a favorite old song. (You are probably too young to remember it) and you introduced me to stickles.

Thanks so much for a great blog!

Red, Red, Red... who could resist!! I'm your biggest fan, Anna, and so enjoy your blog... thank you for sharing your talent!! And for sharing your blog candy!! YUM!


Cool, Anna! Thanks for sharing all that you do!

Lisa Bohler

What great "stuff"! I love red stickles too! Your blog is one I always check for updates...you are so creative! Thanks for sharing your mojo.

Such a pretty red box. Shame on me for not even being aware that SU sells boxes like this one. I have *got* to get one. I forgot to mention that I really like your new banner. Very pretty.


Red is my favorite color!! The candy cane stickles are fabulous. Have you tried the Xmas red ones? They give a great red sparkle.

Ummm...red. And I've heard of stickles, but have no idea what they are.

yummy! I love red! Love your blog!

Red stickles and ribbon! Wahoo! Perfect for Christmas OR Valentine's Day. (Is it sad that I'm already planning that far ahead?)

Wow!!! How cool is that, I checked your blog the other day and bought sponge daubers from you for a great price and now I check back and see you are giving away very shiny red things. Yeah!!! You are so sweet.

I love red too!! I have never tried stickles, but have heard great reviews!! I look forward to reading your blog & seeing all your wonderful creations!!!

Woo Hoo! I love, love,love red everything! Am enjoying your blog and the inspiration!

Conny (aka Ladybug2004)

Red is my favorite color too! Thanks for being so generous. Love your blog and thanks for all the inspiration. Denise

Hi Anna,
I love red too. And I also love your blog. I check it every day for inspiration.
Thanks, Wendy

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