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Love Love Love the Red!!! Cool Blog! Thanks for the great giveaway!

So I had sworn off entering blog candy giveaways as of today... well that seems to have lasted a whole 6 hours or so. I love red, red is the color of the heart and I **heart** stamping and all things related to stamping... so I'm breaking my vow to enter just this one more time! lol

Wow this is an awesome blog. I am just really running across it. And you have give aways to boot. How wonderful! The red is fabulous this time of year! Look forward to checking this out on a regular basis.

I don't think I've ever seen so many comments! What fun. I love the entries on your blog-I put it as one of my "favorites." Nice work!

pick me, pick me, oh please pick me.

OOOOHHH I love red too. I love all the ideas and inspiration I get on your blog.

i am always inspired by your blog! thanks for the awesome ideas:)

Red is good! Red is happy!
My friend passed on the link to your blog...I'm going to have to check it out!

I love red too! I'm usually just a lurker but thought it would be fun to try and win. I've never tried stickles before.

I love red too - makes sense since I'm a redhead, huh?? LOL I love your artwork, Anna. I bought some Mono Multi glue from you a while back, and now I'm looking for those Karen Foster snap stamps. I came to check out your blog to find your ebay store, and I see that you are giving away red Stickles - ooooooohhhhhhhh how could I resist??? :-)

Hi Anna,
I really enjoy your blog! Not only are you an extremely gifted artist, but you are interesting to boot. I get so much inspiration from your work, and I just really appreciate all the cards, etc... that you post. Thanks for letting us get to know you.

WOW 147 posts! This color red sure would stand out in my new stamping room. It might even inspire me to paint the room red. Wouldn't that be lovely....

Omigosh! You are just soooo generous!!!! Love your blog, you are such a creative person. Keep it up! And thanks again for some wonderful blog candy!

Wow, so much fun! Thanks for your wonderful blog. I check in often.


Red is my favorite!

Ooohhhh... I love red!! And I need to be more organized so that red box would come in so handy!!

WoooHooo! Pick Me! PLEASE!
Hmmm... I wish SU! had red boxes... they should look into it!

I love your Blog...Great ideas & wonderful samples...
God bless your day

red is so much fun this time of year

Thanks Anna for daily inspiration!

I love red, too, and would love that red snap box in ny sewing and craft room!

I'm am in the completion stages of an add-on to my house which is my new stamp/scraproom. I need this to go with my decor - purple, green and red! Pick me! Love your blog, check it daily.

Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for all your great ideas!! Your photography is breathtaking as well!!
I check out your blog everyday for some super projects!!

Thanks for sharing with us all!!


Saw a link to your blog on Paige's site :) Just thought I would stop in and say hello

I love your blog, Anna, and seeing all your wonderful work. Red is da bomb! Love those snap boxes.

I love your blog! Your work is definitely inspirational! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!

Great box. I wish SU came out with more colors. My friend lead me to this sight and she was right it is great. BTY your banana bread looks so yummy! Thanks for the great blog! Cheryl P

Anna, thanks for sharing your many talents! Always a pleasure to come and see what you've added to your blog. Happy Wednesday--Kamie :0)

Anna, I just found your site and all I can say is WOW! So much inspiration. Thanks!!


How did you know RED is my favorite color? I had no idea the Karen Foster boxes came in colors. Woo hoo! Thanks for offering more blog candy. I check out your blog every day. :)

I love these blogs! Having just moved to Missouri from another state, I miss my stamping buds and their constant inspiration. Your blog helps keep me in touch. Love your "work!"

LOVE the red! Good Luck everyone!! :)

Love this red! Pick me, Alan!

WOW -- I love the box in RED!!! I will have to check out what other colors they come in. I have a few of the clear ones, and didn't even know they came in other colors.

Ohhh, I like red, too . . . pick me, pick me!! :)

Yum! That red is so pretty. Thanks for your inspiring site - I'm glad I subscribed so you pop into my inbox when you update.

What a cool gift package!!! A box, stickles and ribbon -- OH MY!! Whoever wins is very, very, VERY lucky!

What a fun treat, you can NEVER go wrong with Red. I've been visiting your blog for the last month, I absolutely love all of your cards....truly amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

Just found your blog. So fun. Love the red goodies. Your creations are great.

Love the red thing going on....just in time for Christmas. Thanks for such a fun blog!!!

My Oh My all that Red looks lovely! I absolutely love those snap boxes and have a couple myself - none of mine are red though *wink*! scrapstamindiva loves RED! I love your blog and I only hope someday mine can be as together as yours is! :)

Hi Anna,

Red Stuff... how fun!! Love your blog :)


Hi Anna! Jodie sent me to see your gorgeous works of art, and I am so glad she did! I have added you to my favorites. Can't wait to see your future creations.


Red Blog Candy....what fun!

Hi, Anna!
I've only recently heard of Stickles & haven't seen them up close. Oh, and I do appreciate your blog...I sometimes come here to draw inspiration. Oh, and that red would be perfect for a Canadian. ;-) Tee-hee.

Thank you for this opportunity!!!

.:Cris:. in Canada

Who wouldn't want to be picked for that awesome red trio! All of these blogs are so inspiring & informative. Keep up the great work!

Allan...PICK ME PICK ME! It's so cold in Canada, I need that ribbon to make a scarf! ;)

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity!!

Let's make that #110! LOL!

Ooooo! I *love* red too! Let's hope Number 108 is lucky! LOL! I love your blog and all your beautiful creations! We are so lucky that you share so much with us! I'm always inspired by you! Thank you Anna!!! :)

Oooooh, red! Sign me up!

Woohoo! today is my birthday! I hope I win! :) You are awesome, thanks for all you do.

Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent. I always know I can come here for inspiration.

Love your blog Anna!

I absolutely love your style. One of the few blogs I have bookmarked as a favorite. Thanks for the Anna Banana bread recipe too.
PS. Hope I will be seeing *RED*.

Alan! Pick me, PICK ME! :) I just got to play with Stickles for the first time on Saturday and I definately want some of my own! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!!!

What is it about red, I gravitate towards cards made with red(and black) Hope I win or I will have to make a trip to the store to pick up red stickles, I'm using it on my Christmas cards!

Love red and and would love to check out that snap together box. great giveaway!!

What a wonderful gift to give away just in time for Christmas!! You have so many great ideas on your blog and I check it daily! Thanks for the inspiration!!
Karrie Winters

I love Red also! It's soooo cheerful. I visit your blog everyday. Love all the wisdom and pictures.

I love shiny red things! :) Really cute blog - I must go look around now!

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your "stuff"!!!

I found your blog through Nancy's blog (the one that copied your Winter Church card). So I am happy to be here and especially to get in on a chance to get some yummy red goodies. Thanks!

What a busy lady you are and what a great blog. Can't believe you even took the time to post a scrumptious recipe for Banana Bread. May have to try that one out on my stamping group. TFS


Cool... double cool!

I was just stopping by to copy your Banana Bread recipe and happened upon your giveaway! :-)

This is so nice of you to do this! As always, I enjoy my visits to your blog!

Rubber Hugs,
Renee V. (aka: happystamper05 on SCS)

Wow - it's *red* and *sparkly*...couldn't be any better than that! I love your blog and all of your *adorable* creations. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :o)

I had no idea that Stampin' Up sold these snap together boxes! They certainly are great!

I absolutely love reading your blog and look forward to seeing the art you create. It is inspiring!

Yummy! Red!
I saw this first thing in the morning and there were only 9 comments. Good news travels fast. Thanks for the inspiration!

I have ALWAYS loved red. Being a redhead, I was deprived of the joy of wearing the color (kinda clashes with my hair), but it's such an exciting and passionate color. I use red any chance I get in my crafts. This give-away is to die-for!

Nobody seems to be able to tell me what stickles are??? I see it comes in a bottle ...can you explain what it is and how it is used...thanks for the blog ...DD

RED how festive...really puts me in the mood for the holidays....thanks for getting my excitement going.....Lynne

Totally fun choices for the "blog candy"!!! Who doesn't love red?!?!
Keep up the great work w/ your blog...love everything and check your site DAILY! ~Lana~

Anna - I get so much enjoyment from your blog! And such regular offerings of blog candy?? Amazing - you're so generous!
Thanks for all the entertainment and inspiration!!

Red is the most deliciously wonderful color!

This would be a fun box!!! I love red, too...as in Red Hats!!!! Jeanne in Idaho

Anna- You have a most generous heart.
Kathryn of Idaho

Anna, you tickle me! I just love reading your blog. It is as if you are speaking directly to me. And that banana nut bread I can't wait to try. Thanks for your inspiration.

Am so new to the world of blogging and wow! this really caught my eye as I am deaf and very visual! I am truly inspired by your creativity and hope some of it rubs off of me! and RED is such a vibrant color which I love!

How can I not love red, especially during the Holidays? Great blog! I love all your ideas.
Monika Davis

Ohhh I love the red stickles and photo box! Gorgeous color!

What can I say that hasn't been said before...I **LOVE** red always have right down to my first book Ann loves Red... anyhew thanks for all the great inspiration on your blog and your blog candy took me out of lurking.. Have a great day


Is it bad that I'm not letting the kids eat the bananas bc I want them to go soft so I can try your banana bread recipe? Check your blog every day for your fun sense of humor and positive spin on life.

hi anna,
just sat down to check really quick on your banana brad recipie (use it with monkey business) and saw your awesome price.

actually i never even noticed that su sells this as well, probably better for my wallet..


I love red too! You are so generous with your talents...visiting your blog is gift enough!


Wow!! How very kind of you Anna! Thanks for sharing your goodies!


Your work is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for tempting us with red candy!

Ay-yi-yi! Who doesn't love red!

Anna - love the blog. Saw you made banana bread yesterday, I did a few days ago but not from scratch guess I am not as ambitious. :)

I'm slowly starting to bring red into our house. Those boxes are super cute and I heart Stickles!!! Hope you ate a slice of bread for me!!

Anna, I love your blog. I came across it recently and have been visiting it daily. Your work is really inspiring! I loved your Hip Hip Hooray challenge with Mona Lisa. It made me notice a set that was previously unnoticed. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Anna, what fun you bring into my life. How did you know one of my favorite colors is RED, actually, I have a very strong love of many colors. I've dreamed of having a red dining/craft room. I was going to make it my bedroom color but it is a color for excitement - hmmmmmm, maybe I should have painted it red!ROTFLOL.

Mmmmm.... RED!! I love red! Thanks for your always inspiring and often funny blog (I'm still chuckling about that donkey pic you posted a while back)!

I would love to enter this as well. I love your blog, but love your work even more!

Hi Anna - Thanks for adding so much creative inspiration to the internet! I check your blog daily and just LOVE your designs. It's so fun when you sprinkle in anecdotes from your daily life too! Keep up the great work!

OOoooh what fun goodies! Your giveaway reminds of me the new HIV/AIDs campagain RED. 'Tis the season to give RED!!!

Anna - your blog is so FUN!
I went to get some RED stickles the other day and they were out! (I got green, though!). I neeeeeed the RED!

Red! My favorite color. It's wonderful like your blog. I appreciate all the inspiration that comes from looking at your cards.

hanks for sharing that yummy picture of your banana bread too. My kids are anxious to try your recipe with the cream cheese in it.

Have a wonderful day!

Nothing like red to get one in the mood for the holidays! Wonderful blog, Anna! :)

Wouldn't this be a great gift package for the crafters in our lives? Talk about the ultimate in recycling! No paper to throw away, just a yummy box to store more treasures in! Yea! Anna, you are such a generous soul! Thank you for sharing your talent and your personality with all of us! Greetings to Alan and the kiddos! Would love to know how the rescued chicks are doing! p.s. I would LOVE to be picked for the candy but, failing that, WHERE can we pick up these boxes? *grin* Happy Tuesday,

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