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congrats Mr Farley...and Anna too!! ;^)

How cool! I absolutely adore Golden Retrievers. I am a happy mom of a beautiful blonde Golden Retriever named Beasley. I just love the dickens out of him! Congrats Farley!

Me again :) I just looked at your photo gallery. Wow you take amazing shots! I was wondering what kind of camera you use?

WOW that is awesome. Great photo!!

Love him Anna ....I have a 15 year old cocker spaniel that visits a nursing home with me ...he is my special guy and dearly loved !DD

Go Mr. Farley!! Just don't let fame go to your head ;)

Glad I met you *before* you became a star!

Hey Anna - that is **SO** awesome! I am so proud of him!

Way to go, Mister Farley! He's a beautiful dog, Anna. It's a wonderful, expressive photo of him. You go, girl!!

Congrats! He is just the cutest guy!

Congrats to Mister Farley! That is so exciting!Ü

Anna, how wonderful to have such a talent of photography. Every thing and ever person is put on this earth for a reason and Mr. Farley is living proof of that. What a wonderful opportunity for the both of you and all the amazing money that will be earned for this organization. Big Bow Wow's to Mr. Farley and a huge pat on the back for you.

That is soooo awesome! Congratulations...you are a fabulous photographer. I know this must be very exciting for you!!! :)

BIG wet kisses Mr. Farley!

Woof, Woof Mr. Farley! Can I have your pawagraph? Hee Hee!

Way to go Mr. Farley! I love your blog as it has both of my favorite things, Stampin' Up and Animals!!! He is a beautiful dog!

Hooray for you Mr. Farley! This is quite interesting because just today I was telling my dogs that they needed to get a job, and help out a bit with food, vet bills and all those doggie toys! And now I have your story to use an example! What a way to do your part Mister Farley!

Oh what a beautiful pup! I also have a golden and must admit they have a place in my heart. What exciting news for you and Mister Farley! And I agree - please keep us posted as to availability!!!

WOW! That's exciting news!
He's a gorgeous dog - you're lukcy to have him.
Be sure to let us know where the items are available. :)

Yippy.......great job. Congrats to you and Mister Farley..........

What a handsome boy he is---obviously he deserves to be famous! :) Congrats to both Mr Farley and to you as well! WHA-HOOO!!!! :0)

Farley--you are definitely a sweetheart! Congratulations on your recent fame. We always knew you were a ***STAR*** Smart move to hire Miss Daisy as your agent. She knows her stuff! Here's extra hugs from Grandpa & Grandma and the girls

Congratulations Mr. Farley!! Wohoo! You rock! That personality just comes jumping right through the camera. Of course, I am sure the photographer had a hand in it too! Don't be surprised if you get stopped in the street for his paw print! *giggle* I can just see the paparazzi swarming now! Tell Miss Daisy that she is still a star too! Manetta

WOW! I am so happy for Mr. Farley!!! I bet they sell like hotcakes since he is such a hunk! Give him a big kiss for me, Anna!

Congratulations Farley!!! What an amazing opportunity to showcase both a wonderful furry friend and incredible photography for such a worthy cause. We look forward to being able to say "We knew him when. . ." Hopefully the fame won't go to his head ;)

Mister Farley looks like a real sweeheart. He reminds me of our first dog, Hannah. Hannah was also a good, sweet dog. I have a special place in my heart for Golden's. Congratulations Mister Farley!!!! Does that mean you get extra doggie treats?

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