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This is phenomenal!!! You are so lucky to be the recipient of this treasure. How long did it take for her to finish it? Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy!

Anna! You are the luckiest girl in the universe! How fun is this??? Is it an original design from your mom? Just curious. I'd love to know. -k-

I sent a link to this blog to my sister, who's done a few wall quilts in her day. I have one of her Halloween quilts I need to dig out. Aren't we lucky?

What a wonderful gift from what must be a wonderful mother!

the quilt is so fun and I too would love to know the pattern she used. What a lucky daughter you are!

Sheesh! We can see who Mom likes the most....You know, she didn't even acknowledge my birthday! (grin)

Anna - that is the cutest quilt EVAH! I can truely see why DA APPLE don't FALL fah from dah tree!

Wow! This is truly a masterpiece! I quilt too, so I know how much work and love must have gone into this. You are such a lucky and loved daughter!

Wow - Great quilt and great gift! I too quilt and recognize the hard work she put into this. She did a great job! This is a darling pattern; I will have to search for this at my local quilting store - makes me want to go home and quilt!!!!

I LOVE the quilt. And I have made them before too. I wonder, would your mom share where she got the pattern from??

Thanks and Hugs
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What a wonderful gift and what a truly fabulous, thoughtful Mom you have! How sweet! This quilt is really great - so much to look at!

What a beautiful mail day Anna! We can obviously see where you get all your talent. What a FANTASTIC gift to receive!

The quilt that your Mom made for you is just gorgeous! So much talent in your family.


WOWZA!! so much talent in one family just isn't fair! ;) beautiful and so fun!!

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! Your mother is obviously VERY talented and generous. :)

Holy moly!! This is tooooo adorable!! Like mother like daughter (which explains why I have little talent --sorry mom!!!) Tell your mom I'm in awe --I can't even *use* a sewing machine, so I truly admire all who can quilt!!!

OH MY GOSH, now I know where you inherited your wonderful talents!!! This quilt is TO DIE FOR!!! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful, giving MOM! I just can't believe how cute this is...and you deserve it! WHAT FUN! Here's wishing cooler days to you...I hated the TX heat!!! :)

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