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I cannot see the computer screen clearly, as I am laughing so hard and tears are being shed here! That is the funniest thing ever! Thanks for sharing that funny find!!

Russel and I both were laughing like hyenas. I have a new panic word now, too! TYFS

I needed that laugh today! All about the pineapple!
P.S. love all your pictures of the animals. I so want a chocolate lab because of your pics! :)

Who could have imagined to put these two fellas (!)together. An absolute crack up. I had to show my husband when he got home. Thanks for sharing a laugh!

This was the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. I am sitting here alone laughing like a loon! Tears are running down my face and I actually have to go take my inhailer now. Thanks.

Oh I needed that laugh!! It's a little Joan Rivers, LOL! Thanks for sharing. We sure do miss Steveo!!

OMG I just about PIMP!!! That was SOOOOOO funny!! I'll have to show this to my hubby - he was a big fan of Steve and would really enjoy this - thanx Anna for sharing it!! :o)

I love this Ross guy, seen him a few times and he's a hoot....gotta tell you, it's too hard to watch this right now. Steve is really missed at our house but when things get better, I'm sure we'll enjoy it. He was such a super terrific guy!!!! :(

OMG...that was SO funny! I was actually laughing so hard I started choking...thanks for a great start to the day.

Oh, bless his heart, that freak encounter with the sting ray was just too bizarre...I feel so bad for his wife and children. But he loved life, and gave it 110% while he was with us! Thanks for the link, that was truly hilarious! I loved it...sooooo funny. I could do without a tarantula though, NO WAY!!! I'd have a heart attack right there...

Thanks for sharing this laugh! I love that guy! ~:-)

that was long, but so worth it! hysterical.

Ok, I absolutely fell off my chair I was trying sooo hard not to laugh because I'm at work. Thanks for sharing that!

Thank you so much for sharing this! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Steve has left the world so much richer for his being in it.

OMG! Anna - that was so funny! That is my new Catch Phrase! PINEAPPLE - PINEAPPLE! I usually yell it when the DD gallery opens because I know I am just gonna open my wallet and the dollar bills fly west to Utah!



How wonderful to see this clip of Steve! I sure do miss him already. :(

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