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I'm getting worried about you now...I surely hope you are okay. Please let us know if you are ok!!! I so don't want you to be in pain! Sending good thoughts your way...

Have you been to the doctor? A chiropractor? Muscle relaxants work, too. Feel better soon!

Sorry you aren't well...hope your back gets better really soon.

From one boo,boo expert, try some simple stretching. Lie on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and hold for a bit. Also bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor then keeping your legs together bring both knees all the way to the floor on the left and repeat with the right side holding this stretch for at least one min. each time. These are the best stretches that I've ever done for my back. Hope you are up and about real soon. Have you ever tried a corn bag? These work great for tight muscles Anna.

Ouch! Had this happen to me last year while trying to put my pants on. My son wasn't happy about having to help me finish getting dressed. hehe

I went to the chiroprator & it work miracles after a couple of adjustments. Hope you find some relief soon!

Girl, I learned from my PT a loooong time ago, start the ibuprofen, and keep taking it for a few days... maximum doseage. THat, coupled with rest and some easy stretch exercises and heat therapy, will help. Good luck!

Sending HUGS and Get Well Wishes Anna! I can't imagine anyone wanting to make a SweetMissDaisy Doll to torture... Do you think 'Booze' is a requirement for this situation too?! :)

get well soon! sorry that you're in so much pain.

Aww that sucks!!! *sending good vibes* your way - hopefully you catch the voodoo monster!!! I detest back pain!!

Oh, bless your heart! Sounds awful! I have had back trouble, it's HORRIBLE! So sorry you are suffering. Get some meds, quick!!! Sure hope you feel better SOON.
Hugs to the chicks, too!

Oh poor Anna! I hope you feel better soon. Trust me...I'll be sure to knock down and wrestle with anyone I see walking around with a SweetMissDaisy doll!!! :) Take good care of yourself!

Oh Anna! NO!!!

I hope you feel better soon sweetie! I wonder if it is viral....you need meds QUICK!

Just don't pull a TO (that is Terrell Owens for you non-football stampers)....

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