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Oh my....I think booze wouldn't do it for me! A spider that size...just the thought of it wigs me...but knowing all those babies are going to fly willy nilly if you touch momma....GROSS! I know spiders have a great purpose...but still...yuck.

triple ew! My mom caught one of those once (yea, we live in Texas) and kept it alive in a glass jar for weeks. She used to love looking at it for some odd reason. And sometimes, she would touch the glass to my arm - at least she tried to do that!!

ew, ew, ew ew.
think I'll go and pour myself a glass right now, just looking at that thing is gross.

OMG, I think I'd be moving.... There's not enough alcohol in the world to make that OK!

Well she certainly is big, but what a cool way to treat her babies! I'm not a fan of spiders, our barn used to be full of the "humongous kind" and they always scared me but they are also fascinating to me, I can't even kill them. My husband said that thanks to me and not killing them, we are now raising them outside in the flower bed and around the house. Yeah right, go ahead, blame me if it makes you feel better!
Tonight, I will have a small glass of Vino in honor of you Anna!

So I finally came looking for the spider picture. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I would have screamed and ran away! OMGOSH! I'm totally grossed out!

I'm going to go look at the chicks again. *rocks back and forth* *think happy thoughts* *think happy thoughts*

My son used to keep one as a pet. He called him Wolfy. By the way, you don't even have to squish them for the babies to scatter. Kind of scary.

First week we lived in this house in Florida, I found a wolf spider in my bathroom glass. Called to Russel to come deal with the wildlife! He put a piece of paper over it and took it outside! We did the bomb-the-house thing the next day! Sheesh.

Just had to add my story to your blog. Once when my husband was away I found a spider,(bigger than a Ford)in my living room. The only thing I could find to kill it with was a dictionary! I had the children back away and I dropped the dictionary from as high as I could lift. When it landed a thousand little babies ran every where. I was hysterical. Ran and found some Raid. The house smelled lide Raid for a week. Never Again!

I am NOT looking!!!! Bugs creep me out!!!!

I got the willies just READING about it!! gaaaaaaah!!!!

Ew ew ew ew ew! I looked at the picture BEFORE I read your warning and then I had to look at it again AFTER reading your warning. It was worse the 2nd time.

AUGHHH!!! No wonder you are creeped out!

Everything's bigger in Texas. Including the nasty yucky spiders. I cannot stand those things. They love the rock wall in the back yard. . . no more walking barefoot in the backyard after seeing one of those. And now, I'm off to shower in boiling hot water to get rid of the itchyness all over my body. Feels like freaking SPIDERS CRAWLING ALL OVER NOW! *shudder*

Gotta' love Texas! We have these all over the yard, and we've had two or three of the huge ones in the house. The biggest I think was about 3 1/2 inches long. I smushed it with my son's shoe and left it for my hubby to clean up. Thankfully it wasn't carrying any babies!!!

Now THAT was TRULY disgusting! No wonder they're all so fond of their Jack down south and wear those big ol' sh*&kickers! Them boots ain't made for walkin', not for working, nor for dancin' (bootin' or scootin') They're for STOMPIN'!!!!! Got a pair? You might want to invest in several. And NEVER EVER take them off. Bleeaaaaccchhh..... I'M going to have nightmares tonite. -k-

So much for me visiting you in Texas!! I've never seen a spider that big -- ick!!! That is NASTY!!!

By the way -- your story made me laugh!

Here's a thought... maybe try drowning it with the booze? I'm definitely not a faint of heart kinda girl, BUT the name RABID is a little troubling! Janice... thanks for the laugh! Just remember what us girls will do for LOVE! ;)

EWWWW!!!! *shiver*

EEEEeeeewwwww!! Sick, disgusting, eeeewww, eeeewww, eeeewwww!! I think I need booze too after reading your story. I found a spider this morning in our apartment so I called DH over to kill it and HE MISSED! So this humongo spider got away and it's roaming our apartment waiting to crawl on me when I go to sleep at night. OK... so maybe it's not that bad, but it creeps me out. Off to the shower... I've got the creepy crawlies too. ICK!

Well, at least it is not something you have to worry about getting bitten by, they didn't classify them as dangerous. It still gives ya the willies, thought. I am not afraid of spiders for the most part, but you show me something that size and I’ll definitely step back a few feet. Hope the shower helped.

I'm sad to say that I can actually sympathize with you on this post. Those little monsters are not the greatest part of living in Texas, that's for sure. Freaky, aren't they?

Oh. My. Goodness. EW! How could you stood near enough to that to photograph it? ACK!

I'll have to pass this along to my husband...

ewwwwww.....what if one of those gets in your HOUSE?????????

I am seriously shivering here!!!!

I did NOT open that pic of the spider.
I'm taking you at your word.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that.

You did need some nice, calm pretty stamping things to take your mind off of that.

the FOR SALE sign would be up and their would be a puff of dust from my exit off the property.
{ i applaude your bravery}

It's Anna "The Spider Hunter"!

Woman, you are seriously cracking me up!!!! Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!

Oh, Anna why did I have to read this just before going to bed! LOL! I remember when my sister went to Texas to visit friends, they warned her to always hang up her clothes and not leave blankets in a pile on the floor because the spiders like to crawl into them! I say that's when you call an exterminator!

OMG, After seeing that, if I had booze I would send it! LOL I too hate spiders, they just scare me senseless (the big ones do, at least)...and I have seen those TX huge ones! I won't tell you about the black ones with dots that actually jump at you! Yep, had those in TX, too! ACK!!!!! We were in College Station for 3 years while hubby got his PhD...sooooo hot and humid, I nearly died...and we had a HUGE black widow in our garage (and I do know it was that, red hourglass on the belly of that beast)...YUCK!!! I'm right there with you, gotta be creeped out by spiders! I don't care if we are like Godzilla in size comparison..they are just CREEPY!!! Bless your heart, I hope you don't see any more. Never. Ever. (But if you're missing a cow tomorrow...you'll know who ate it!) LOL :)

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