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Oh no, I can't believe I missed this opportunity - 1:25 EST. DARN! The only good thing is that I sew and could just copy, teehee, BTW they are beautiful.

What cute coasters! And a great gift to give as well as receive, who doesn't need coasters? I would be honored to receive either one, they are both adorable.

Anna, these are beautiful. I believe the best gift of all is a gift that has been handmade! I would be honored to receive one of these beautiful coasters!

Anna, more inspiration--it must flow from your body! Both coasters are adorable--I'd be thrilled with either one!
Lois H

These are really cute, and I love the old-fashioned fabrics. I'm reminded of potholders that my mom makes from pretty scraps.

These are simply adorable! Love them!
Thank you for sharing all your creative talents with us!

Anna - those are great coasters; what a fun idea!! i am always having to lay down a paper towel for my beverage on my crafting table; one of these would be great.

thanks for sharing all your crafty ideas. have a great day!


I think the coasters are darling. I would love to be considered for the blog candy drawing. Thanks, Terri

Very pretty!! Thanks for sharing these with all of us...and enjoy the new sewing machine!!

Those are darling. If I don't win, can I have the pattern? Or is it an old family secret? ;)

I love the coasters, I love fabric but can't sew a straight line, lol.
Love checking your blog for inspiration.

What a good idea, they are really cute. Just what would look wonderful under my cup of tea while I am stamping. Thanks for all you do. Lois

Hi, Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I am a faithful reader. The coasters are so cute, what a great idea! Love your artwork, keep up the gorgeous work!

Gorgeous coasters! Makes you feel cozy inside and am already longing for a cuppa tea and stamp away!
Please pick me!

Well aren't these adorable! Beautiful fabric! :)

Oh please enter me in the drawing. I just adore quilts, small or large. I have several handmade quilts that once belonged to my Grandmother, who quilted by hand and these are some of my most treasured possessions. I'd love to have one of your "mini" quilts!
Lynn Mercurio

Those coasters are so cute. As often as I try to leave my diet coek away from my work area I place it there anyway.. needless to say the glass always sweats. One of these little cuties would be useful.. Thanks for entering me in your contest. KimK

Great job on the coasters, Anna!

Beautiful coasters. I have always wanted to learn to sew and quilt. These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talent.

How did you know to pick my favorite colors for these coasters? I love this material! (Can you share what brand and pattern it is?) Yummy blog candy!

These are very cute! I have a sewing machine that I bought about 7 years ago that is still sitting in my closet because I'm afraid to use it! I need a teacher! Sounds like you already know how...and if not your Mom will be able to help. Have fun!


I have always admired hand made quilts. I'm not talented with a sewing machine because I can't seem to sew a straight seam.LOL! I would love to win one of these beautiful coasters. They are both great so color does not matter.

Looks like you have your mom's sewing talent to add to your many other talents! Either coaster would be great to win!

What a wonderful idea! They are both very cute! I like purple, but I'm not too picky.

Ooooo! I would love to have one of these coasters...they are both beautiful...Thx for this offer! Susan Lankford

I'm new to your blog and already free things! WOW! These coasters are adorable!

Those are just the cutest! I would love one. I love handmade items they have such personality!

Love these coasters, Anna! Congrats on the new sewing machine ... can't wait to see more of your creations!

Love the fabic. What a great idea for your berages....

Those are very pretty ! I like the spring colors ! Are you going to share how to make them ( hint ) :))

Anna, what a wonderful little project/gift. My work table now holds a folded up napkin, I think either one would spruce up my table and help get through the next couple 'blah' months of bad weather with a 'spring flower' coaster. Keep up the wonderful work.

Anna- These are adorable! Either one would be great! Thank you for sharing your talent! Sherrie

these are so cute! I just got my 1st sewing machine and these would be a great little goodie to practice. is there anything you can't do?

Great coasters - I love the fancy little ribbons to dress them up. I can't believe on top of all your talents that you sew too!!

How lovely! Not only do you inspire us with your beautiful cards but now you're inspiring an entire group with sewing! WOW! Thanks!

Anna, I have certainly been influnced by your stamping and now I'm sure that I will be influnced by your sewing. The coasters are adorable; receiving one in either color would be a treasure.
Beverly A

I would like the yellow one! Any chance you'll be sharing the pattern?
THanks for your generosity!
Sandy K D.

These are darling, Anna! Great idea! Moda fabric, ooooo, super nice fabric to work with and gaze at! IF I were to win, I would like the yellow one as my stamp room is yellow, orange and reds!

I love, love, love these! Do you draw a line across diagonal to follow or do you free hand the stitching. I think I'll have to try making some of these if I don't win one!

Ooopppps, it's 2 minutes after midnight but maybe it's OK. I would love one of the coasters~either one would be wonderful!

oh, pick me pick me.
I love your cards, they are beautiful.

What a neat idea. They go well with all the creative crafts you make. Thank you for sharing. I love visiting your blog.
Nancy Grant

Are these ever cute! I am a huge fan of moda fabrics so I would be thrilled to win one of these. I never would've thought to make a quilted coaster. What a great idea! I don't have a color preference.

Thank you for holding yet another give away! You are very generous!

Cindy Keery

Cute! You do such great work.

A pretty, REAL coaster would be much better than my current 'coaster' of a cd case ;)

oh my goodness these are just the cutest things!! What a fabulous idea!

Oh my, these are adorable! I'd love to win one! Thanks for the blog candy.

Those are so cute and a great idea to boot. Thanks for sharing.


Oooh, these are a great thing! My daughter wants to sew so bad - maybe I will have ehr help me make some of these! TFS

Wow - those are really cute. It amazes me the crafts that people do - where does everyone get the inspiration!! Thanks for thinking of us on your blog Anna!!

Beautiful, Anna! Wouldn't that be perfect to hold a cup of coffee when I am blog browsing. Don't worry about disappointing me, I would love either one!

Those are so cute. I'd love to have one. Now I see where you get all your talent from. :)


Those are adorable!

Oh these are soooooo purdy!! I totally don't have a color choice as I would be tickled pink (or yellow or liac lol) to even get either one =)
They would receive soooo much TLC in my Stamproom!! Do you have a pattern? Can you email it to me? Not that mine would be nearly as b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l as yours!!

I would love either of your beautiful coasters. Wherever did you find that GORGEOUS fabric? If I don't get lucky tomorrow I am going to have to have my mom check out your blog to take a peek at these. I sew but have never quilted. You ARE oh so talented girlfriend!

Julie (JulieSoko on SCS)

My oh my, they are adorable. What a unique idea. I'd love to have one of these!

How cute are these!

Ooooh! Too kewl! I don't own a sewing machine, so I defnately will be crossing everything I have! Hehehe! Of course I would love the lilac one as purple (of any shade) is my favorite! Thanks so much Anna for the blog candy!

Oh how cute! I knew you'd be up to some sewing, but didn't expect a giveaway! How awesome...Love both of them. Good luck to me! LOL :)

Cool coasters! great Blog candy.

I really like those coasters. How long have you been sewing?

Those coasters are cute!! And how sweet of you to offer colour preferences...I'd be delighted with either:)!

Would love to have one of these adorable coasters! My sewing machine is gathering dust. LOL

How cute are they!!!! Love them. Any color, not picky.
Lynne Phillips

I love the fabric of the coaster on the left, yellow with roses. I brings back memories of fabric my Gram had. I am betting you are going to have great fun with that new sewing machine of yours. I wonder how you find any more time in your day! Please let me know the secret!

Love the coasters. Either color is okay. You are so talented. I can't keep up with every thing you do. I look forward to visiting your blog every day.

How cute are these? Fun for you to start with on the new machine....I would be happy with either color, they look adorable :)

These are so cute. Nice job. You are very creative! Thanks for the contest!

Very cute, Anna!! Thanks for your super blog---by the way, how is Dixies Chick doing? I was thinking about her w/ all the cold weather we have been having in NM and TX both! HUGS!!

One of these would cozy my tea!

What a wonderful idea! I love quilted things... They are so pretty and remind me of the simple times of *the old days*. Thanks for being so generous with us Anna! ;-)

I am new to your blog but love what you do. Winning a beautiful lavender coaster would be grand. Sorry TX has been so mean to you...

What a great idea. Kudos to your Mom and Aunt. I'm seeing a future for some of my own fabric scraps...plus my machine quilting could use a little practice. Colors. Hmm. Well, at first I was drawn to the lilac, but the more I consider it, the more I like the yellow. How am I supposed to choose?

how cute! it's fun when the crafty-ness runs in the blood... then you'll always have someone who understands your nuttiness. I know I'm glad :)

These are just too stinkin' cute!!! I don't even own a sewing machine, so I need these... hee hee hee...

Anna, these are adorable...what an awesome idea! I can't sew for the life of me!


Hiya Anna Banana!! How can one person be so talented?? I think I've asked you that before! It isn't enough that you are my 'Stampin' Idol' but now I find that you sew too??!! My goodness! You are truly blessed and we are all blessed by your artistry and your generosity!! P.S. Love the blog by the way!!

I can just tell you're gonna be a great seamstress!! :-) I would love either one.

Just love the coasters. Will be checking back tomorrow.


Anna, you are so talented!!! I'd love the purple one! :)

Well shucks! Now that you're going to be sewing and posting adorable, creative sewing projects I'll have to pull my sewing machine out of the closet. I'll need a sewing room in addition to my stamping room thanks to all the inspiration I know I'll receive from your blog!! LOL! As always, thanks for sharing your creativity and I look forward to seeing what else you create with your sewing machine. The coasters are darling!

How can you be choosy when they're both adorable!

As always, you have a generouse heart.

oh me, me, me! those are too cute for words!

These coasters are so cute!!! I don't think I could go wrong with either color. Both are awesome. Sign me up for the blog candy too, please.

I like the color blue & the small print.
Gramma Dar

I would love a coaster. I just had a near miss with my water last night. Those little rings of condensation are nearly invisible!
~Tracey G.

Those coaster are darling. The pattern is a great reminder that spring is on the way. :)
Jennifer G

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