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Oooh, you poor thing. I had something similar when I was young, climbing through the window of my cubby house (the door didn't work) I caught my behind on a nail.


Oweeeeee!!! I hope your arm is feeling better now. *Stupid screw*


The stamping arm!!!!!

NOT the STAMPING arm!!!!!


Booze, huh? That certianly looks Vicodin-worthy to me. At LEAST Tylenol 3. And demerol prior to the tetanus... I hate shots too. When I was little, the nurse picked me up to keep me from running (as I used to) out the door of the doc's office when the needle came out. Apparently in my panic, I kicked her in the ribs and my parents had to pay $10 extra dollars for her pain and suffering that visit. (This is a true story.)

That is ONE icky picture, but an even ickier owie. Hope you feel better soon.

Hugs, Kelli

Oowwweeee is right; hope it's getting better by now; did you get your shot?????

Ouch, ouch, OUCH! OMG! You really do need to have it looked at, and as advised above - get that tetanus shot! I hope you are feeling better and here's to fast healing!!


I want to drive to Texas and give you a hug!

Must have been nice to have your sweetness nurse you better huh? ;)

You have already gotten lots of good advice to get that tetanus shot--but I just have to add another voice to the mix. You MUST get a tetanus shot. Due to the circumstances of the wound (outside, jagged type puncture wound) many docs would also put you on an antibiotic prophylactically. Please get this looked at!! Puncture wounds are very hard to clean out adequately. It is probably good that it bled quite a bit, Mother Nature's way of cleansing the wound. Take good care of yourself.

OWEEEE is right!!! Definitely get a Tetanus (sp?) shot if you haven't had one in a while...those screws in Hen Houses are NOT clean!!!!

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Ingest 1/2 bottle of booze 80 proof or better!

2. Pour booze over wound.

3. If first two steps don't work and it starts to change in appearance... a Tetanus may become necessary!

Sorry for laughing, but it really was a comical tale told by you. :)

Yes, tetanus is NOT a pretty thing...you should get a shot if it's been 10 years or more since you had one. And plenty of Neosporin on that wound, keep it covered. . .sure hope it's better soon!!!

Ouch Anna! Please make sure to go get your shot. We don't want anything bad to happen to you. (plus maybe a stitch or two!) Hope it heals okay.

I know I shouldn't be laughing at your pain, but your story is just too funny... I will send booze. LOL! ;)

Hope it heals fast... it looks ouchie for sure!

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